Rampe d’éclairage à DEL Plant Spectrum Fluval, 32 W, 61-85 cm (24-34 po) - Boutique Le Jardin Des Animaux -AquariumBoutique Le Jardin Des Animaux14521
Rampe d’éclairage à DEL Plant Spectrum Fluval, 32 W, 61-85 cm (24-34 po) - Boutique Le Jardin Des Animaux -AquariumBoutique Le Jardin Des Animaux14521
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Rampe d’éclairage à DEL Plant Spectrum Fluval, 32 W, 61-85 cm (24-34 po) - Boutique Le Jardin Des Animaux -AquariumBoutique Le Jardin Des Animaux14521
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Rampe d’éclairage à DEL Plant Spectrum Fluval, 32 W, 61-85 cm (24-34 po) - Boutique Le Jardin Des Animaux -AquariumBoutique Le Jardin Des Animaux14521

Fluval Plant Spectrum LED Light Bar, 32W, 24-34" (61-85cm)

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Plant Spectrum LED Strip Lights are designed for aquarists wishing to maintain an aquarium containing lush plants. The ramps offer a variety of customizable functions, which are controlled from Bluetooth functionality and the free FluvalSmart app on your mobile device.
  • 24-hour cycle of programmable progressive lighting: gradual sunrise, daylight, dusk and night;
  • Six unique wavelengths for full spectrum illumination;
  • Control of each color individually;
  • Optional preset lighting configurations reproducing the following habitats: Lake Malawi, tropical river, planted environment;
  • High luminous efficiency LED bulbs that enhance the lighting power and the spectral quality of the ramp, without consuming more electrical energy than before;
  • Aluminum housing that provides efficient heat transfer and improved protection against water ingress and moisture;
  • 50% lighter and smoother casing than the previous generation;
  • Industry-leading IP67 rating allows the light bar to be installed directly above the water surface for optimal light penetration;
  • Enlarged switch shape and surface, and now providing stable control without difficulty;
  • Very wide coverage: each LED bulb provides a 120° light distribution ensuring a very wide and uniform coverage of the illuminated area, without dark zones.



Download the FREE FluvalSmart app on your mobile device to control the Aquasky LED Light Bar and its built-in functions. No additional equipment is required.

The Aquasky ramp only works
from a mobile device (not included).

Three (3) year limited warranty

Marine 3.0 LED Light Fixtures are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase. This warranty is valid with proof of purchase only. The warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of these items only, and does not apply to direct or indirect loss or damage caused to animate or inanimate objects. It is valid provided that the aquarium is placed on a flat and level surface, and that it has been installed in accordance with the instructions in the instructions provided. This warranty excludes breakage of the aquarium as a result of misuse, cracks and stress cracks caused by improper support or any other breakage. It is valid only under the normal conditions of use for which the equipment was designed. The warranty excludes any damage caused by abuse, negligence, incorrect installation of the tank and filter, modification of these or commercial use. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or parts that have not been properly maintained. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS.

Why does the LED light fixture I got several months ago seem to have lost its intensity?

First make sure the original setting of the light fixture has not been dimmed. Next, check to see if any deposits (minerals, algae, etc.) have accumulated on the lens, which can significantly block the light emitted from the light bar. If so, use the Fluval Glass Cleaning Kit (A3969) weekly to maintain proper light intensity and conditions for optimal growth of your plants and corals.

Are RPA values ​​really important when it comes to lighting an aquarium?

Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) is the measure of light energy present in the visible light spectrum. If you don't know the spectrum of light required for your application, then light output is of little importance. The light spectrum remains the most important characteristic when evaluating light; color temperature and light intensity are secondary. For RPA to be relevant, one must know the RPA value that plants and corals were exposed to when growing, and then recreate that value.

How do I download the FluvalSmart app?

Search for “FluvalSmart”, and download the app for free from the Google Play store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

How do I find the LED strip light and then connect it to my mobile device?

Click on "+" and on "Search", then select the device(s) you wish to add. Always make sure to select the red box with the check mark after selecting your light fixture.

What should I do if my connection fails?

First try to re-establish the connection. If that fails, unplug the light fixture or turn off the power, then try to establish the connection again after plugging the fixture back in and back on.

How do I know if my light settings are programmed correctly?

When your mobile device is connected to the lightbar, you see the setting parameters and hourly graph of the lightbar.

How do I save my light settings?

Click "Export" and save your custom settings.

Can I copy-paste my settings if I add a second lightbar?

Yes. Start by programming the settings you want on the first light bar and save your profile. Then open the second lightbar in the app. Select the Export function; you should see the name of your first light ramp (“Ramp 1”) as well as any other pre-set ramp profiles. Select Ramp 1 and press the Export command. Both strip lights should now have the same settings.

Can I preview my settings before they are activated?

Yes, using the "View" function. Once you have programmed your parameters, the “View” function allows you to observe the 24-hour cycle on the screen in accelerated fashion, over a period of one minute.

Can I undo the light settings or revert to the old ones if I don't like the new settings?

If you saved the previous settings, you can return to them or import them. Otherwise, you must manually edit them again.

Is the FluvalSmart app compatible with all Android and iOS devices?

The FluvalSmart app is supported on operating systems with Android 4.3 (or later) and iOS 8.0 (or later). However, since there are a wide variety of mobile devices on the market, the Fluval team cannot guarantee that the experience with the application will be the same for all users. If you encounter a bug while using the app, please contact us to let us know so we can fix the problem and then provide a fixed version.

How will the strip light operate once power is restored following a power outage?

If the ramp is set to manual mode, it will operate at the same settings established before the power failure. However, if set to “Auto” mode, the set parameters will start as if it were midnight (i.e. 00:00 on the 24-hour light ramp cycle) regardless of the time when power returned. As a result, the settings will need to be reprogrammed.

How can I distinguish one strip light from another when several strips are arranged in a room?

There is a function to identify a ramp. Just click on the magnifying glass icon, then the ramp in question will flicker.

How far can I operate the light bar using my mobile device?

About 12 meters (40 feet) or less.

What happens when I close the app?

When you close the app in manual or automatic mode, the light bar will operate according to the mode you were in when you left the app.

How do I manage my list of fixtures when it shows too many fixtures?

If there are too many ramps in the list, or if you no longer need some of the ramps, you can swipe left on any row and then select "Remove" to remove ramps.

Is it possible to connect a basic timer to this LED light fixture?

Yes it's possible.

Why do some bulbs in my Saltwater and Reef Aquarium LED Light Fixture not seem to be working?

LED bulbs that don't appear to be working actually emit light at a wavelength of 400nm, which is barely visible to the human eye.

The FluvalSmart app requires a password/ID number. What should I do?

The default password/identification number is 000000.