Dog - Know everything!

  • What foods are poisonous
    for my pet?

    Toxic foods for your cats and dogs and even for the majority of pets. Sometimes they will give digestive discomfort, but sometimes they can also cause death. Rabbits, ferrets are often loose in the house, recognize the dangers of toxic foods and plants in your home.
  • Your dog in a car in the sun, what temperature?

    Unfortunately, it has to be repeated over and over again. YOU MUST NEVER leave young children or animals in a vehicle parked in the sun and even ...
  • Diarrhea in dogs and puppies

    Diarrhea in dogs what to do? Diarrhea in puppies what to do? What to do in case of diarrhea in dogs? diarrhea in dogs may be of different ori...
  • The oldest dog in the world has died

    The world's oldest dog in recent years died in Japan on December 5, 2011. Japan, accustomed to human longevity records, has recorded the death o...
  • Heatstroke
    a danger for your dog!

    This kind of symptom heat stroke , manifests in dogs exposed to heat for a long time , or subjected to stressful situations (animals locked in a sm...
  • Dog age vs human age,
    in proportion according to race.

    Although unscientific, the dog age vs human age conversion chart that follows may help you better understand your dog's aging stages.