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Perlinette Diatomaceous Earth Cat Litter

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*** Litter bags are not available for mailing, you can order them for the local delivery (Sherbrooke) or in-store pickup only ***

The Diatom takes its name from diatomite, a siliceous sedimentary rock of both organic and fossil origin.
Resulting from the piling up of diatom shells (microalgae) for several million years in the bed of ancient seabeds, diatomaceous earth comes in the form of a porous white (or brown) rock which, once reduced in small pellets offers an ultra-comfortable and 100% natural litter.

This litter comes from the drying up of Patagonian lakes by successive eruptions of the volcanoes that surround them. Naturally sun dried.

Product advantages

100% natural litter
Ultra-light and dust-free
Easy and economical maintenance
Ultra-absorbent: it absorbs up to 130% of its weight in water