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Biogance Pure Boar Ergolance Brush

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Natural and functional brushes Ergolance is the new range of fine brushes combining design, ecology and efficiency, made from natural hazel wood.

With a unique shape and ergonomic design, the handles of the Ergolance brushes are as comfortable for right-handed as for left-handed people.


Ergolance Pure wild boar has been specially designed for antistatic brushing and gentle straightening. Its natural fiber eliminates impurities and absorbs excess fat from the coat thanks to the Keratin that makes up boar hair.

Both firm and soft, they delicately massage the skin thanks to their rounded tip, thus promoting excellent circulation of the natural oils contained in the coat. Brush gently without breaking the hairs, gives volume and naturally revives the shine of the coat.

Usage tips :

On dry hair, brush your dog and cat daily for gentle smoothing. Brush in the direction of the coat, from the withers to the tail, under the belly and along the legs.

Maintenance tips :

Clean the brush with a little shampoo, rub then
Ideal for fine, long and medium hair.