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Versele-Laga Prestige Premium - food for amazon parrot

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Seed mix enriched with VAM pellets - Parrots Amazon

Seed mix enriched with vitamins, amino acids and minerals = optimal condition

For South American parrots: amazons, pions, caiques, macaws and aratingas

Composed in collaboration with the scientific team of Loro Parque (Tenerife)


Oats, wheat, buckwheat, paddy rice, maize, striped sunflower, milo, dari, canary seed, pumpkin seeds, white millet, safflower, white sunflower, peeled peanuts, cedar nuts, yellow millet, puffed wheat, popcorn, berry rosehips, red peppers, maxi VAM pellets, oyster shells

Analytical constituents

Protein 13%, fat content 9%, crude fiber 10%, crude ash 5%, calcium 0.9%, phosphorus 0.4%, lysine 0.40%, methionine 0.30%, threonine 0.40%