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Exo Terra Bamboo Forest Mat, 8.8 L (8 qt)

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Exo Terra Bamboo Forest Floor is a multi-layered substrate that allows you to recreate the forest floor as it is in nature. The forest floor is one of the most distinctive elements of the bamboo forest ecosystem.

In general, the carpet is composed of two layers :

  1. An upper layer consisting mainly of fresh leaves;
  2. A lower layer composed of organic material usually including decayed leaves and wood.

Main features :

  • Is 100% natural;
  • Constitutes a multilayer substrate;
  • Resembles natural forest floor;
  • Keeps the soil soft and moist;
  • Allows animals to hide;
  • Provides a nutrient substrate for living plants;
  • Is ideal for any natural terrarium arrangement;
  • Absorbs bad odors and is heat treated
  • Is made from sustainable resources;
  • Can be composted safely;
  • Made from a blend of bamboo leaves, 2.2 L (2 qt) and coconut husk fibers, 6.6 L (6 qt).