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Repeller Shoo! Sergeant's Aerosol for Dogs, 400 g

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Dogit HOME GUARD Puppy Training Towels, with QUICKDRY Technology, are perfect for potty training puppies as well as dogs of all ages. They are also an ideal way to replace newspaper and litter.

Dogit HOME GUARD training pads effectively absorb wetness and bad odors thanks to their QUICKDRY technology which transforms urine into gel in just a few minutes, and provide superior protection in 5 layers of fabric. They preserve your floors from stains, simplify cleaning and facilitate potty training.

Training towels have a scent that attracts dogs and ensures that they will always go to the right place to relieve themselves.

Able to be used indoors and outdoors, training towels are suitable in multiple enclosed spaces like cages, carriers, and dog playpens.

The training towels are a perfect match for the Dogit Home Guard Training Towel Mat for Puppies (70569)

Main characteristics :

  • For puppies and small breed dogs
  • Facilitate potty training
  • Simplify cleaning
  • Are perfect for potty training puppies
  • Also suitable for dogs of all ages, including older or incontinent dogs
  • Have a quick-drying surface
  • Take advantage of QUICKDRY technology that turns urine into a gel in just minutes
  • Provide superior leak absorbency with 5-ply protection
  • Have a powerful attractant and offer excellent odor control
  • Use indoors and outdoors
  • Can also be used in cages, carriers and dog playpens
  • Are ideal for the Dogit Home Guard Puppy Training Towel Mat (70569)
  • Dimensions: pack of 30 (45 x 30 cm / 18 x 12 in)