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Laxative Paste for Hairballs, Chicken Zanimo

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 ○ To evacuate hairballs gently
○ Lubricates and softens hairballs
○ To avoid vomiting due to hair licking
○ Natural ingredients for health, without mineral oils
○ Good tasting, chicken flavor


Your cat needs a laxative paste to help it evacuate the excess hair that it ingests by licking itself. During his grooming he swallows good quantities of hair in his stomach. If they are not evacuated by the natural ways, then they form a ball, which ends up irritating the stomach and will cause your cat to vomit. These hairballs are also called trichobezoars. Our Hairballs product contains a non-irritating intestinal lubricant to gently eliminate these hairs naturally.


Hairballs is a chicken-flavored, mineral oil-free laxative paste that is used to shed hair the natural way.


The biggest danger associated with hairballs is obstruction or even bowel obstruction which may require surgery.


Squeeze 1 cm (1/2 in) of paste onto your finger or onto a plate and lick it off. Otherwise put in its mouth or on a front paw.

INTENSIVE: 2 times a day between meals for 3-4 consecutive days.
PREVENTIVE: give 3 times a week or as needed.

Complex of natural ingredients: Malt syrup, Sunflower oil, Water, Acacia gum, Oil of
coconut, natural chicken flavor

PRECAUTIONS: Do not give to kittens under 6 months.