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Exo Terra Silk Jungle Plant, Ruscus, Large

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Living plants cannot live and grow in just any type of terrarium. Some terrariums are too hot or too dry, others don't have the right lighting, or reptiles simply eat these live plants. Exo Terra artificial plants are carbon copies of live plants, but are easier to care for than live plants.

Artificial plants also offer the same advantages as live plants: they serve as decoration and hiding places, enlarge the living space, etc. A combination of live plants and Exo Terra artificial plants can fill a terrarium well, even in the hottest or driest places.

Artificial plants are ideal for sterile settings such as quarantine terrariums or areas of the terrarium where natural plants cannot survive and thrive.

Main characteristics :

  • Extremely realistic copies of live plants
  • Easy to clean and maintain plants
  • Joint use with real plants
  • Natural hiding places for reptiles and amphibians