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Demavic shampoo for dogs with white coat 250mL

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The shampoo specially formulated for dogs with white coats, ideal to give them shine and shine


Developed by DEMAVIC-Laboratoire, this white shampoo takes the greatest care of your dog's coat.


The DEMAVIC-Laboratory white shampoo has a gentle formula for the skin (neutral pH) and which therefore allows it to be used frequently since it respects your animal's epidermis.

Specially formulated for dogs with white coats, it will enhance and revive the color of the latter by giving it shine and shine.

Likewise, opening the bottle is relatively easy and allows for clean and simple one-handed application.

Usage tips

Wet the animal with lukewarm water.
Apply the diluted shampoo on his back and massage the fur for a long time.
Rinse thoroughly and repeat the same operation in case of splashing in the eyes.

Dilute 1 part shampoo to 3 parts water