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Cat Love fast circuit cat toy

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The Cat Love Play Speed Circuit is an interactive and exciting toy designed to encourage your cat to play and exercise through sound and movement.

Made of a colorful tube, the Fast Circuit includes a perforated ball containing a bell and catnip from Canada that attract your cat to jump on the ball and hit it. In fact, when your cat flicks the tinkling, rolling ball, it is propelled through the circuit, encouraging your feline to chase it, jump on it, and hit it.

The Speed Circuit has three different quick and easy assembly options, providing your cat with a variety of exciting play experiences.

Main characteristics :

Interactive, fun and exciting toy

Promotes play and exercise through sound and motion

Encourages cats to chase the tinkling, rolling ball, jump on it, and hit it

Features a brightly colored openwork ball containing a bell and Canadian-grown quality catnip

3-in-1 toy: three possible assemblies

Easy to assemble

Warning :

Make sure the toy is suitable for the size of your cat. Always supervise your cat when playing with the toy. Not intended for children.