Ampoule fluocompacte Reptile UVB 200 à rendement élevé de rayons UVB, 13 W - Boutique Le Jardin Des Animaux -Eclairage reptileBoutique Le Jardin Des AnimauxPT2340

Reptile UVB 200 CFL bulb with high UVB output, 13 W

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Characteristics of the Reptile UVB 200 compact fluorescent bulb with high output of UVB rays:

Designed for reptiles with very high UV needs;
Helps prevent metabolic bone diseases;
Perfect for desert climate terrariums or tall terrariums;
Very high vitamin D yield index 3;
Increased vitamin D 3 photosynthesis;
Maximizes calcium absorption;
Increases the penetration distance of UVB rays;
Pair with natural light or a reptilian visual spectrum bulb for ideal light output.