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Exo Terra Nano LED Daytime Running Light Bulb, 5W

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The Exo Terra Nano Energy Efficient LED Daytime Bulb emits high levels of visible light which is ideal for lighting small terrariums, such as the Exo Terra Mini Natural Terrarium and Exo Terra Natural Nano Terrarium. The Nano Daytime LED Bulb is also ideal for creating a natural daylight cycle for small or baby reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates, and for promoting plant and moss growth in bioactive planted terrariums.

High levels of visible light also contribute to the physical health of animals, and allow them to perceive the colors of their environment in a natural way. In addition, the small format of the Nano daytime LED bulb is ideal for the Exo Terra Reptile Dome Nano lighting dome, a lighting accessory specially designed for mini terrariums or nanoterrariums.

Main features :

  • Makes an energy-efficient LED daytime bulb for use with the Exo Terra Reptile Dome Nano Light Dome;
  • Works great with Exo Terra Mini Terrariums and Nano Terrariums;
  • Emits high levels of visible light;
  • Stimulates plant and moss growth;
  • Improves the animal's perception of its environment;
  • Enhances the color of animals and plants;
  • Has a power of 5 W.